Terms of the Staffing Symphony LLC Candidate Lead Program for Individuals (Version 03/29/2021)

Rules of the Road

• I understand that I will be an independent contractor, and nothing in this Agreement will create any partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representative, or employment relationship between you and Staffing Symphony LLC. I acknowledge that I have other sources of income and will not rely on income from this program. I further acknowledge that I reside in the United States.

• I understand that I cannot fill out any forms on StaffingSymphony.com as another person. Any person engaging in fraud on this site will forfeit any referral fees that may be earned.

• I understand that Staffing Symphony reserves the right to change or cancel this program at any time.

Referring Candidates

• I understand that if a candidate I submit already has a prior relationship with the headhunter representing the client or with the client themselves, Staffing Symphony LLC will not get paid, and I will not get paid either.

• I understand that the candidate must be submitted through StaffingSymphony.com. If the candidate is hired by the company without going through a headhunter from StaffingSymphony.com, Staffing Symphony LLC will not get paid, and I will not get paid either.

• I understand that if a candidate is successfully placed, a fee will only be paid if they remain with the company for the duration of the “guarantee period” (typically 90 to 100 days) as agreed upon by the hiring company and the headhunter. I further understand that no payment will be made to me until after the guarantee period has been satisfied.

• I understand that the candidate must have used the unique link assigned to me to register on StaffingSymphony.com before applying for the job so that the placement can be tracked back to me.

• I understand that once a candidate registers on this site, they are locked to the friend who referred them for 30 days. If they are referred by another friend within this initial 30 day lock period, the first friend still prevails. This site will not notify me if a friend has already signed up under someone else. I further understand that if I have already been locked to another friend by this system within the past 30 days, my friend will NOT be eligible to receive a referral fee for my successful placement.

Referring Myself

• I understand that if I choose to apply for a job listed on this site, I will NOT be eligible to earn a referral fee for myself. However, as a candidate who is hired by working with a recruiter through this site, I will be eligible for a $250 “sign-on bonus” after my first day of employment. Additionally, after I fulfill the guarantee period (generally 90-100 days), I can then select someone to assign the referral fee to, provided I wasn’t referred to this site by someone else.

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