Terms of the Staffing Symphony LLC Candidate Lead Program for Teams (Version 04/05/2021)

• Job seekers who land a job from one of our job postings on StaffingSymphony.com will earn a $250 “sign-on bonus” after their first day work.

• Once a referral fee is paid to a member of your team, which is generally after the 90 day guarantee period, you’ll be paid $250. Please see the Candidate Referral Agreement for specific details about what conditions must be met for a referral fee to be paid.

• You’ll be provided with a special link that is coded to your organization that you can use to promote this site. When an individual signs up as an affiliate using your special link, they will be considered a member of your team, and any candidates that sign up under them will also be part of your team.

• While an individual could “change teams” by signing up again with a different team, the candidates who have already signed up under them, will still be assigned to your team. The team that is active when a candidate applies for a position on this site will be the team that will receive the referral fee once all the conditions are met.

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